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In The Beginning … There Was Music!

Early Cover Design - Chanson de l'Ange music
Concept cover graphic done in the early years of the writing of Chanson de l’Ange.

Have you ever read a book and heard a soundtrack in your head as you scanned through the pages?  Some books just seem to demand music behind the story, and even for those folks who have no musical talent or background, they may recall a piece of music or a song that could fit right in with a favorite novel.

In the writing of her novel Chanson de l’Ange, from the very first Bonnie Anne could “hear” music as she typed the words; music that heightened the atmosphere of a certain scene or moment in the story, making it come more alive.  Given that her novel takes place in the musical world of opera, song lyrics and theatrical performances are threaded throughout the unfolding plot-so it was only natural that she take song lyrics from the book and compose melodies, in addition to writing songs inspired by characters in the novel.

Long before Immortal Aria was founded, Nathan and Bonnie Anne were a song writing team.  As recorded on the “ABOUT” page, prior to Chanson de l’Ange they had collaborated on a number of projects, so in 2006 when Bonnie Anne wrote the Chanson de l’Ange aria (later recorded by Toni Gibson for the CD), Nathan agreed to orchestrate.

Soon after, based on specific scenes from the novel, he composed a couple of instrumental scene music pieces with a cinematic flair, and this led Bonnie Anne to compose more songs as they came up with the idea for a full CD of original music; a companion to the novel.

Although the first song was composed in 2006, with real life schedules and other personal issues getting in the way, the project didn’t really get off the ground until this year, and Immortal Aria is thrilled that the Chanson de l’Ange CD production is finally in full gear!

Over the past year, in working with the artists collaborating on the Chanson project, Nathan and Bonnie Anne began to see the potential for other independent projects outside the Chanson de l’Ange CD, so in the spring of 2013 they decided to form their own “group” and named it Immortal Aria.

Immortal Aria is now looking ahead to writing and composing future CDs; working with other musicians and recording artists to create the kind of music they love.

We hope you will follow us along this journey…and we wish you a musical day!

The IA team

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