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Throwback Thursday~A Performance From 1974

In the spirit of the internet sensation, Throwback Thursday, Immortal Aria will be sharing photos, videos and music every Thursday to celebrate (or be embarrassed by) our past accomplishments.  This week’s #tbt is a performance by Bonnie Anne Pinard at her high school senior spring concert, where she sang this aria from Leonard Bernstein’s MASS.  Bonnie was eighteen at the time and way back then they did not have cell phones or portable video recorders, so please excuse the stagnant image!

Years later, Bonnie was informed by her choir director’s wife that a very special guest had been sitting in the audience that night.  The guest was Robert DeCormier, ( a personal friend of the choir director.

When Mr DeCormier thumbed through the program and saw that a high school student was attempting to sing this very challenging piece of music, he was overheard to say that no high school student could pull it off.  Following Bonnie’s performance, he went backstage to the choir directer and expressed his shock and pleasure that the soloist could have been taken for a college student, and that she had indeed performed the song beautifully.


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