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Throwback Thursday Christmas!

Greetings music lovers!  Music has always been a big part of the Pinard family’s  Christmas celebration.  I  sang in my high school  choir each Christmas, performing some of the best loved traditional carols and less familiar choral pieces to a packed auditorium.  Throughout Nathan’s education, he too participated in his school’s Christmas/Winter music programs, and of course we always had Christmas music playing in our home so Nathan grew up with all the classics.  Musically speaking, Christmas songs consist of some of the most beautiful melodies ever written, and have inspired musicians of each generation to arrange their own rendition of these well loved carols.

Several years ago it was Nathan’s intention to arrange and record his own versions of these traditional songs.  Using the primitive technology available to him at the time, he came up with what he had intended as songs for a CD, but he never seemed to have the time to complete enough tracks for a full CD, and he was not happy with the quality of the instruments or with his slow computer.  Now years later, having invested in a professional quality sound library and a more powerful computer, Nathan is hoping to someday release a Christmas CD.   Until then, he would like to share a few of the original tracks with you.  Each week through New Years we will be sharing a Christmas track on Throwback Thursday, and perhaps if Nathan gets enough interest, once he has completed the Chanson de l’Ange CD, he will head back into the studio to begin work on his Christmas Fantasy album.  Show him some love and let him know you’d love to have the full CD!

The first track we are sharing is Nathan’s arrangement of “What Child is This”

Please go to the IA youtube page, “like” the video, leave an encouraging comment for Nathan…and have a musical day!

4 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday Christmas!

  1. Beautiful -,-‘-@

  2. Hauntingly beautiful!

  3. Yes, yes, yes, I would buy this on a CD in a heartbeat! I’ve always loved the melody of Greensleeves, and your arrangement is full of grace and serenity and faith. Please go for it, Nathan!

    P.S. I am not a member on youtube so couldn’t “like” the video there — this is my vote in favor of creating a full Christmas CD. God bless.

  4. Beautiful rendition of this classic song. Cannot wait for your CD of Christmas Songs. Also, cannot wait for Chanson de L’Ange CD. Mother’s books were well written and your music (4) is stunning.

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