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Classical Crossover Music: The Angel’s Song!


Classical Crossover Music to Feed the Soul

Immortal Aria’s debut album “The Angel’s Song” is now available for purchase! This album features many talented classical crossover artists performing original works! We thank you for your support, and hope to continue creating our unique brand of music in the years to come. The Angel’s Song, is the first production by IMMORTAL ARIA: A collection of original music inspired by the novel “Chanson de l’ange” by author, Paisley Swan Stewart. The Angel’s Song, deftly combines Classical Crossover, Pop and atmospheric musical styles, drawn from the pages of Paisley’s epic Phantom of the Opera retelling.


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The Angel's Song (classical crossover)


About Immortal Aria

Nathan Allen Pinard, and Bonnie Anne Pinard, are the creative team behind, Immortal Aria. Together they have composed and orchestrated original songs, collaborating with talented vocalists and musicians to produce their unique brand of music.  Nathan Allen Pinard, has won acclaim as composer for video game soundtracks, Gemini Rue and Technobabylon. Bonnie Anne Pinard, is a classically trained vocalist, novelist and songwriter, whose popular novel series Chanson de l’Ange, is penned under her author name, Paisley Swan Stewart.