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First Love ~ New Single Planned

first love

Following the release Immortal Aria’s debut CD, ‘The Angel’s Song‘, plans are already in the works for several original singles that may be included in future album projects.  “First Love” is a song written by Bonnie Anne Pinard many years ago, vocalized by her but never recorded. This future album is being conceptualized as a fantasy/myth/fairy tale theme collection of songs.  “First Love” will feature Nathan Allen Pinard’s haunting Irish whistle and orchestrations, as well as a female vocalist, yet to be decided.

“First Love” will be our first single since the release of ‘The Angel’s Song’ and we are very excited to start production!

Meanwhile…we are happy to share Bonnie Anne’s romantic and haunting libretto.

Have a musical day!

First Love

by Bonnie Anne Pinard

© 2016

~ First Verse ~

My love planted a garden when the world was new

A garden of beauty beyond compare

He filled it with trees and flowers that sparkled with the dew

He asked me to come his garden fair

~ First Chorus ~

So tender was my heart when he was by my side

Walking in the garden…with my first love

~ Second Verse ~

Each morning I met him there in the dawning of the day

Rejoicing each time he spoke my name

Enchanted we spent the hours talking time away

For many happy years to him I came

~ Second Chorus ~

So tender was my heart when he was by my side

Walking in the garden…with my first love

~ Third Verse ~

One day I did not come to him

I left Him all alone… another lover had a hold on me…

And the longer I stayed away it was harder to go home

I did not know how cruel my heart could be

~ Third Chorus ~

So fickle was my heart, slowly turned away,

No longer in the garden…with my first love

~ First Bridge ~

Then one day remembering, I walked the familiar path,

Now neglected and unkempt, the garden was deserted,

And overgrown with briars, life was gone…and all the flowers slept

~ Forth Chorus ~

So broken was his heart when I left his side

Now I long to walk in the garden…with my first love

~ Fourth Verse ~

Suddenly I heard his steps through the fallen leaves

Reaching out my arms, I called his name

Walking closer to him, I fell upon my knees

When I looked into his eyes, I saw his pain

~ Fifth Chorus ~

So ashamed was my heart

He was there by my side

Waiting in the garden for his first love

~ Second Bridge ~

My love,” said he, “I come here every day

Longing to be by your side.

Though you did not love me, I never turned away

I am faithful and true to my bride”

But love,” said I, “Why did you let your garden die?

The trees and all the lovely flowers that grew.”

My love,” said he, “How can you even ask me why?

I planted this garden just for you.”

~ Fifth Verse ~

Together we worked until the garden was restored

More beautiful than ever it became

Nothing can compare to the garden of my adored

Every flower and tree whispers his name

~ Final Chorus ~

So tender is his heart, he never left my side

And I’ll never leave the garden of my first love

No I’ll never leave the garden of my first love