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Hold on to Hope

Hope-Rest in Peace

Following this week’s violent attack, the loss of fifty souls and the wounding of many, the internet overflows with laments of heartbreak and hopelessness. Young and old alike wonder what kind of world we are living in. One moment people were gathered on a warm Summer night to dance and socialize. Moments later, terror struck, raining down unimaginable death and destruction.

Hopelessness seems an appropriate response as these attacks and other senseless acts of violence continue to carve premature graves into the ground all over the world, cutting short the lives of our fellow human beings. The grief weighs heavily upon us all and we can’t help but ask “why?” After all the wars and carnage of thousands of years on this planet, why in this modern enlightened era can we not stop the spilling of blood? Why does one group hate another? Why must violence weave an endless trail of tears throughout our human history?

But despite our sadness and unanswered questions, somehow we must hold onto hope, because if we stop hoping, and if we give in to despair, then those who engineer terror and hate achieve their objectives.

Nathan and I join you all in your grief. We pray comfort for those whose loved ones perished in the Orlando massacre of June 12, 2016; their families and friends. We pray for the wounded, for their physical and emotional restoration. We pray for an end to the violence. We pray to God for peace, even when there seems to be no hope for peace.

We pray that our followers find comfort in the moments of joy that can still be found in this life. Embrace your loved ones. Hold a baby in your arms. Seek comfort in your house of worship. Listen to beautiful music…and know that life is still worth living.

Never lose hope.

Immortal Aria

Bonnie & Nathan Allen Pinard