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Purchase Immortal Aria’s CD: The Angel’s Song

Immortal Aria is very pleased to announce that the classical crossover album ‘The Angel’s Song’, formerly only available through digital download ~ is now available in physical CD format through the Immortal Aria website shop. We have provided an option for your CDs to be autographed prior to shipment, which you will notice when you visit our online shop to purchase Immortal Aria’s CD.

purchase immortal aria's cd
The Angel’s Song in physical CD format. Available with autographs!

While you are there, please take a moment to subscribe (you can subscribe via the checkout page) to our newsletter, which will contain updates about Immortal Aria, as well as free downloads and product offers!

A shout-out to all you wonderful fans of Classical Crossover music for going against the grain by preferring the physical CDs of your favorite music and artists. We know you are out there, and hope very much that you will add Immortal Aria’s ‘The Angel’s Song’ to your most treasured collections.

Purchase Immortal Aria’s CD

I have been listening to my iTunes download of ‘The Angel’s Song’ since it was first released a few weeks ago. When our order of CDs arrived last week, I immediately put the CD in my BOSE player and turned it up LOUD. In my humble opinion, the CD sound is fuller and richer than the downloaded version, but then a again ~ I like my music to rattle the walls!

Should interest and sales demand, we will place future orders for more CDs, but this first batch may be the only one with autographs available!

Please visit our site often for information about upcoming projects and opportunities for our fans. As independent artists, fan support is critical to gaining a wider following. Already a few of you have been going out of your way to let friends and family know about Immortal Aria, and we want you to know we truly appreciate your support.

(A special shout-out to Lisa Gomez and Samuel A Hendrix! Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support!)

Have a musical day!

Immortal Aria,

Bonnie Anne and Nathan Allen Pinard