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GoFundMe: IMEA Awards Trip!


Immortal Aria needs your help!

Immortal Aria is running a GoFundMe campaign so Nathan can attend the IMEA Awards ceremony this October. Immortal Aria has been nominated in the IMEA Awards!


On May 6 2016, Nathan Allen Pinard and Bonnie Anne Pinard (mother and son) released their debut CD, The Angel’s Song, under their music production banner, Immortal Aria. The Angel’s Song is an album of all original music and songs, inspired by Gaston Leruox’s classic tale, The Phantom of the Opera; also drawing inspiration from the Phantom of the Opera story in many of its other stage and screen incarnations.

As a lifelong fan of all things Phantom of the Opera, Ms. Pinard composed her first Phantom of the Opera-based song in 2005, shortly after the release of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical film version. At that time, Nathan Allen Pinard was recovering from a serious illness and needed a music project to encourage his recovery, so he composed the orchestration for Ms Pinard’s classically influenced aria entitled Chanson de l’Ange: also the title of her Phantom of the Opera based three volume novel series.

Plans were made to orchestrate and produce an album that would feature a variety of vocal artists recording Ms Pinard’s original songs, as well as Nathan Allen Pinard’s instrumental compositions. However, for various reasons, including Mr Pinard’s day job, financial concerns, and other paying music projects, work on the album was suspended.

In 2011 the project was briefly revitalized as Mr Pinard managed to carve out time to work on The Angel’s Song while on vacation, but again the project was stalled when Nathan was signed to compose the score for two video games; Gemini Rue, and later, Technobabylon.

Finally, earlier this year when Nathan was laid off, he decided to use his down time to get back into the studio and finish The Angel’s Song, which had been mothballed for 10 years.

Utilizing his severance package earnings to fund the project, under the banner “Immortal Aria”, Nathan contracted with vocal and instrumental artists from around the world to record the vocals and complete the orchestrations; resulting in an album of ten original songs.

Recently, Immortal Aria was nominated in 3 categories for the IMEA Awards. The IMEA Awards are presented by the International Music and Entertainment Association, Inc. The mission of the IMEA Awards is to honor and recognize international individuals and organizations in the music, theatre, and film industries.

Given the work, the passion and time that went into the creation of The Angel’s Song, Nathan and his mother are very gratified that their debut album has been recognized by the independent music industry. The International Music and Entertainment Association’s 4th Annual IMEA Awards will be held on October 8, 2016 at the Tucker Theatre in Murfreesboro, TN, and although Ms Pinard is unable to attend at this time, Nathan would very much like to travel to Tennessee for the awards ceremony.

The awards Immortal Aria is nominated for are:

Adult Contemporary Artist of the Year
Adult Contemporary Album of the Year
Adult Contemporary Song of the Year

The album up for nomination can be found here:

The nominated song “In the Mirror” can be previewed here:

The IMEA site with nominated artists can be viewed here:

This where you, our friends, fans and family come in. This week Nathan will be moving from his apartment into his parent’s home in order help care for his father, who is battling the slow progression of dementia. Additionally, living in his parent’s home will allow Nathan to compose and work with his mother, Bonnie Anne Pinard on Immortal Aria’s exciting future projects.

Meanwhile, Nathan will not have the funds to attend the awards ceremony and is asking for your help in getting him there.

Costs for trip:

$650 – Round-trip flight*
$250 – Two night stay in hotel (includes tax)
$100 – Spending Cash for Meals, etc. + any tax.

Plan to arrive one day before ceremony, then leave Sunday day late-afternoon.

*Additional $100 added in case flight prices fluctuate.

Thank you for making this trip a reality!

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First Love ~ New Single Planned

first love

Following the release Immortal Aria’s debut CD, ‘The Angel’s Song‘, plans are already in the works for several original singles that may be included in future album projects.  “First Love” is a song written by Bonnie Anne Pinard many years ago, vocalized by her but never recorded. This future album is being conceptualized as a fantasy/myth/fairy tale theme collection of songs.  “First Love” will feature Nathan Allen Pinard’s haunting Irish whistle and orchestrations, as well as a female vocalist, yet to be decided.

“First Love” will be our first single since the release of ‘The Angel’s Song’ and we are very excited to start production!

Meanwhile…we are happy to share Bonnie Anne’s romantic and haunting libretto.

Have a musical day!

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Hold on to Hope

Hope-Rest in Peace

Following this week’s violent attack, the loss of fifty souls and the wounding of many, the internet overflows with laments of heartbreak and hopelessness. Young and old alike wonder what kind of world we are living in. One moment people were gathered on a warm Summer night to dance and socialize. Moments later, terror struck, raining down unimaginable death and destruction.

Hopelessness seems an appropriate response as these attacks and other senseless acts of violence continue to carve premature graves into the ground all over the world, cutting short the lives of our fellow human beings. The grief weighs heavily upon us all and we can’t help but ask “why?” After all the wars and carnage of thousands of years on this planet, why in this modern enlightened era can we not stop the spilling of blood? Why does one group hate another? Why must violence weave an endless trail of tears throughout our human history?

But despite our sadness and unanswered questions, somehow we must hold onto hope, because if we stop hoping, and if we give in to despair, then those who engineer terror and hate achieve their objectives.

Nathan and I join you all in your grief. We pray comfort for those whose loved ones perished in the Orlando massacre of June 12, 2016; their families and friends. We pray for the wounded, for their physical and emotional restoration. We pray for an end to the violence. We pray to God for peace, even when there seems to be no hope for peace.

We pray that our followers find comfort in the moments of joy that can still be found in this life. Embrace your loved ones. Hold a baby in your arms. Seek comfort in your house of worship. Listen to beautiful music…and know that life is still worth living.

Never lose hope.

Immortal Aria

Bonnie & Nathan Allen Pinard

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Purchase Immortal Aria’s CD: The Angel’s Song

Immortal Aria is very pleased to announce that the classical crossover album ‘The Angel’s Song’, formerly only available through digital download ~ is now available in physical CD format through the Immortal Aria website shop. We have provided an option for your CDs to be autographed prior to shipment, which you will notice when you visit our online shop to purchase Immortal Aria’s CD.

purchase immortal aria's cd
The Angel’s Song in physical CD format. Available with autographs!

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