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Throwback Thursday~A Performance From 1974

In the spirit of the internet sensation, Throwback Thursday, Immortal Aria will be sharing photos, videos and music every Thursday to celebrate (or be embarrassed by) our past accomplishments.  This week’s #tbt is a performance by Bonnie Anne Pinard at her high school senior spring concert, where she sang this aria from Leonard Bernstein’s MASS.  Bonnie was eighteen at the time and way back then they did not have cell phones or portable video recorders, so please excuse the stagnant image!

Years later, Bonnie was informed by her choir director’s wife that a very special guest had been sitting in the audience that night.  The guest was Robert DeCormier, ( a personal friend of the choir director.

When Mr DeCormier thumbed through the program and saw that a high school student was attempting to sing this very challenging piece of music, he was overheard to say that no high school student could pull it off.  Following Bonnie’s performance, he went backstage to the choir directer and expressed his shock and pleasure that the soloist could have been taken for a college student, and that she had indeed performed the song beautifully.


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Guest Artists!


Chanson de l’Ange deftly combines Classical Crossover, Pop and atmospheric musical styles, drawn from the pages of Paisley’s epic Phantom of the Opera retelling. Chanson de l’Ange features original instrumental and vocal selections; with orchestrations by composer Nathan Allen Pinard, lyrics and melody by Bonnie Anne Pinard.

We are pleased to feature the talents of these guest artists!

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Welcome to the official IMMORTAL ARIA website!  We hope you approve of our shiny new site and we invite you to explore the links and features, where you will discover information about the artists we work with, music samples, our store and other items of interest.

Chanson de l’Ange is the first CD under production by IMMORTAL ARIA; a CD of all original music and songs that cover several musical genres; from classical, to Gothic pop and classical crossover.

Under the pseudonym: Paisley Swan Stewart, Bonnie Anne Pinard is in the process of publishing her first novel series, Chanson de l’Ange. The Chanson de l’Ange CD will feature original music and songs that provide a soundtrack for the novel series, set for a Fall 2013 release.

We are thrilled with the artists who have recorded our original songs for this CD, and we are sure you will be too when you hear their artistry and the quality of their vocal work.

Toni Gibson, our featured artist, has recently released her first CD, now a best seller in New Zealand!  She is currently planning her first concert tour in Auckland, and from there will be branching out to Australia and the UK.  Toni is featured on 3 songs:  The Bleeding Rose, our first single now available for digital download from these outlets, the Chanson de l’Ange Aria, and Worlds Apart: a duet with Australian tenor Jay Weston.

Other artists in collaboration are:  Michele Karmin, Maria Lazareva, Carrie Shaw and Romeo Knight.  The CD will also feature several instrumental pieces composed by Nathan Allen Pinard, which we believe will create a unique listening experience when combined with the vocal tracks.

Due to working around our own busy schedules as well as the artists collaborating with us on this CD, progress is not moving as quickly as we would like, however we are confident that the time and care we take to produce this first effort will be well worth the wait!  Meanwhile, Bonnie Anne continues to compose more material inspired by the Chanson de l’Ange novel, so we are hoping to expand the original listing from 10 to 12 tracks and will perhaps be adding more artists in the next few months.

Thank you for visiting our site and have a musical day!

The AI Team